About Us

TINKU is a bridge that allows different worlds to meet

TINKU means...

"meeting - encounter" in the Quechua language

It is an annual ritual practiced mostly in the south of  the Bolivian Andes, where men and women from different communities will meet and begin the festivities by dancing.

TINKU is also synonymous with struggle, with the convergence of various positions or opinions, with shock, even confrontation. Culturally it has given rise to a folk musical style of the same name and to community ceremonies of encounter, struggle and spiritual celebration.

The choice of TINKU as our name comes from the commitment to encounter, dialogue, meeting to cooperate, on equal terms, while not forgetting the spirit of struggle, the need for a symbolic fight against poverty, inequality and injustice.

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Bolivian Products

We offer a celebration of Bolivian and Andean culture through alpaca garments.

Bolivian hands, minds and hearts create and elaborate each piece with dedication and we guarantee that every creation has a unique beuty and has specially designed and made  for you

Our Company

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Who We Are

We are brother and sister, born in the Bolivian Andes...

Having grown up in Bolivia we are very proud of their culture, raw materials and products. Because of our life experiences and background we find ways to create projects, which help to improve the lives of all participants. 

Eliana has lived in Germany since 2013. She has a background in Foreign Trade, M.Sc. in Food Technology and a passion for alpaca garments.

Gonzalo lives in Bolivia, he is an industrial engineer and has been working with alpaca projects and in the food industry the last 5 years.

We think that mixing our knowledge and Bolivian spirit can make a change in our lives, but more importantely in the lives of others.

Our alpaca producers possess millenary andean knowledge, unique to the Bolivian cultures and we are priviledged to work together with them.

Our Story

We have been TINKU since 2019, but we started our journey in 2012

Our first project “Galis” in 2012 centered around producing a papaya sauce used to marinade meat, based on a Bolivian family recipe. We were finalist in a startup competition and as a part of that project we opened a restaurant in our hometown Oruro. This was the inspiration behind Eliana’s move to Germany to study Food Technology.

Why alpaca? As Eliana quickly realised, German winters are very cold! When Eliana travelled back to Bolivia she always stock up on Alpaca garments to keep her warm during the Winter. But then we thought? We wanted to make these products available to everyone! This lead to use creation of our company TINKU in 2019. Our first business adventure in Germany! We sold alpaca garments at the German Christmas Market. 

In 2020 we started working with more producers, enabling us to broaden our product portfolio. 

We don’t know how our story will continue; but we work hard and have in mind all the impact we have and can have in the future. This keep us motivated and make us very stubborn to succeed every day.

Do you want to learn more about our project? 

Who We Are

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