ASIRI Alpaca Decoration

ASIRI means in Quechua the smiling one and with this joyful decoration we would like to bring you some happiness to your home.

Our ASIRI Alpaca Decoration are Handmade individually with Love in the Bolivian Andes at 3.600 m. That’s what makes them so special!

Length: 8,5 cm
Width: 5,0 cm

Sizes vary slightly from one to another.
Material: 100% Alpaca Wool + stitched blanket and bag on its back crafted with Andean Textile fabric with hanger.

Our ASIRI can be used for christmas trees, purses, backpacks, cars, windows or any place they can be attached to. Our ASIRI are a wonderful gift for children and adults too!
Our ASIRI are unique and have different combinations of colors and outfits.

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