ILLIMANI Beanie in 100% BABY Alpaca wool (Black)


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1 Beanie, 3 Looks! The Ultimate ILLIMANI Baby Alpaca Beanie

🎩 Style Meets Versatility – 3 Looks in 1 Beanie
🌬️ Beautiful and Warm, Perfect for Chilly Seasons
🦙 100% Baby Alpaca, Hand-Knitted at 3,600m in Bolivia

Discover our ILLIMANI Baby Alpaca Beanie, a versatile masterpiece that adapts to your style and mood. Wear it in three different lengths for a fresh look each time – that’s three beanies in one!

Crafted from 100% Baby Alpaca Wool, this beanie boasts the remarkable properties of alpaca – temperature regulation, resistance, and hypoallergenic features. What makes Baby Alpaca truly special is its fineness, measuring between 14 and 23 microns. This fine texture delivers an unrivaled softness and silkiness, elevating your wearing experience.

We’ve named this high-quality collection ILLIMANI in honor of Bolivia’s second-highest mountain, the 6,439-meter peak in La Paz – home to our skilled artisans. Your choice of ILLIMANI supports Bolivia’s textile industry and makes you the proud owner of a one-of-a-kind garment.

Key Features:

🦙 100% Bolivian Baby Alpaca Wool
👐 100% Handmade & Artisan Crafted
♻️ Sustainable Fashion
🕰️ Durable and Timeless Design
Length: 18 cm, 26 cm, up to 34 cm
Thank you for supporting the TINKU team and the textile industry in Bolivia. 🇧🇴💖 #AlpacaBeanie #HandcraftedFashion