MAKI Fingerless gloves in 100% Alpaca wool (Grey)


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Discover the Comfort of our MAKI Fingerless Gloves!

🌟 Hand-Knitted with Soft Alpaca Wool
🏔️ Lovingly Handmade in Bolivia at 3,600m Above Sea Level
🧤 Versatile Fingerless Design – Keep Modish and Warm

Our MAKI fingerless gloves are more than an accessory; they are a tribute to the importance of hands, the artisans’ skilled hands who created these beautiful pieces, and the incredible things your hands create. Crafted with 100% Bolivian Alpaca Wool, these gloves are perfect for keeping you warm while working, riding your bike, driving, or enjoying coffee or tea on the go or from the comfort of your couch.

By choosing MAKI, you’re supporting Bolivia’s textile industry and owning a unique piece of clothing.

Key Features:

🦙 100% Bolivian Alpaca Wool
👐 100% Handmade & Artisan Crafted
♻️ Sustainable Fashion
🕰️ Durable and Timeless Design
Dimensions: 16 cm * 9 cm
Color: Grey
Elevate your style and celebrate the artisans’ hands with TINKU. 🖐️🧤 #AlpacaComfort #HandcraftedFashion