PUMIRI Headband in 100% Alpaca wool (Orange)


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Discover the Elegance of our PUMIRI Headbands!

🌟 Hand-Knitted with 100% Soft Baby Alpaca Wool
🏔️ Lovingly Handmade in Bolivia at 3,600m Above Sea Level
🎁 Versatile 2-in-1 Design – Knot at the Front or Back
🏞️ Inspired by the Mystical “PUMIRI” Ruins in the Bolivian Andes

Our PUMIRI headbands are more than an accessory; they are a tribute to our weavers’ and knitters’ ancestors and the enigmatic places they call home. Crafted with 100% Baby Alpaca Wool, these headbands offer all the exceptional properties of classic alpaca wool, like temperature regulation, resistance, and hypoallergenic qualities. What sets baby alpaca wool apart is its unmatched softness and silkiness, making it a true pleasure to wear.

By choosing PUMIRI, you’re supporting Bolivia’s textile industry and owning a unique piece of art.

Key Features:

🦙 100% Bolivian Baby Alpaca Wool
👐 100% Handmade & Artisan Crafted
♻️ Sustainable Fashion
🕰️ Durable and Timeless Design
Dimensions: 21 cm wide and 11 cm high
Color: Orange

Elevate your style and be part of TINKU’s mission to celebrate tradition and elegance. 💖🧣 #AlpacaElegance #HandcraftedFashion