WARA Blanket or XL Shawl in 100% Alpaca wool (Beige & White)


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Introducing our WARA Blanket (XL Shawl) – Your Perfect Alpaca Companion!

🌟 Soft, Warm, and Cozy – Made from Pure Alpaca Wool
🏔️ Lovingly Handmade in Bolivia at 3,600m Above Sea Level
⭐ 2 Colors with a Star Pattern (WARA in Quechua)
🌿 High-Quality and Timeless Design

Wrap yourself in luxury with our WARA Blanket. This classic design is a versatile treasure – use it as a warm shawl or a cozy couch blanket. Each WARA is handwoven on a traditional loom, making every piece unique. Your purchase supports fair wages for our Bolivian artisans, helping their families thrive.

Join us in supporting Bolivia’s natural textile industry and own a piece of Bolivian art.

Key Features:

🦙 100% Bolivian Alpaca Wool
👐 100% Handmade & Artisan Crafted
♻️ Sustainable Fashion
🕰️ Durable and Timeless Design
Dimensions: 185 cm * 65 cm
Color: Beige & White

Elevate your style and make a difference with TINKU! 💚🧡 #AlpacaLuxury #HandmadeTreasures