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Bolivian Handmade Alpaca Fashion

100% Alpaca Soft & Warm Accessories

Ethically and sustainably made in Bolivia by artisan waevers & knitters

Elegant, soft and warm accessories

Cozy comfort for everyday journeys

For warmth & style, wherever you go

Earrings, toys & decor

100% Bolivian Natural Alpaca Wool
100% Handmade & Artisan


Durable & Timeless Design


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The TINKU Project

TINKU is based in Munich and in La Paz, it was founded to open markets for handmade Bolivian alpaca products in Europe.

We work with indigenous artisans of the Quechua and Aymara culture, who have learned the weaving skills from their ancestors as it is passed down from generation to generation. We transform noble fibres of Alpaca wool into unique garments.

Weaving – is not just an activity or hobby, it is an art, an ethnic practice and a way of expressing oneself…

Slow Fashion is for us not just about sustainability, it's a commitment to support artisans, cooperatives and local designers in all of our natural handmade products.

TINKU in Instagram @tinku.bolivian

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TINKU is a Ritual and a Dance

TINKU means Encounter in the Quechua Language.

During this ritual men and women from different communities meet and begin the festivities by dancing.

We want to ENCOUNTER YOU, dance with you to get to know a variety of products, where tradition, history and Bolivian materials are fused with extraordinary originality into amazing Alpaca products.

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